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Hall of Gratitude

Willie White

Submitted by M Joyce Bakersmith & Isaiah Hutchinson

Willie showed me the power of community

Activist <> Mentor <> Motivator
May 10, 1936 – September 11, 2011

“My name is M. Joyce Bakersmith. I am a longtime resident of the City of Pomona and I am sometimes called an activist however, I see myself as simply continuing the process of community involvement I learned from the Honorable Councilman Willie White.

Councilmember Willie White is an inspiration. He believed in the importance of ALL the residents of Pomona. He saw us as diverse, yet unified. He believed if we work together, we can make the City of Pomona an example of what it means to live up to the promise of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution: “we are all equal.”

Councilman Willie White was a wonderful influence on those who had the honor of knowing him. From children to senior citizens, from the very rich to the very poor, from the powerful to those who saw themselves of little value, Councilman White was able to speak with them and motive them to perform at a higher level for the betterment of themselves, for the City of Pomona and for humanity as a whole.

He instilled in all of us, the idea our worthiness and of our value, so that our continuous quest was to do things that demonstrate our value. He said we should never be afraid to help each other, after all “many will want to ride on the wagon, but few will help to build it.” – M. Joyce Bakersmith

“Willie White showed me that no matter what you want you can get it done if you persevere. Willie White organized the Get About (a local shuttle service). He cared about the community so much and fought to get this bus service for Pomona and local residents. I am inspired by him to care about my community as much as he did.” –Isaiah Hutchinson

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