Public Artwork for the Future Pomona Gold Line Station Stephen Farley, Artist

Hall of Gratitude

William Korthof

Submitted by Lisa Rosen

Will showed me the power of community

As a student at Cal Poly Pomona, William learned that positive community enhances life and multiplies the good works of individuals.

Starting in 1999, he founded an intentional community: Re-Gen Co-Op, and a solar contracting business.

He wanted to assist others in living sustainably. Although he was only 21 when he began, he managed to found a vibrant community and a successful business.

He was killed in a motorcycle collision in Pomona in 2014, but the business he started is still installing renewable energy. The Co-Op still continues to provide housing and community support to a variety of students, graduates and professionals who benefit from his vision and leadership.  He loved Pomona and supported public transportation.

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