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Hall of Gratitude

Victor Preciado

Submitted by Marisol Ramirez

Victor showed me the power of community action

Victor Preciado is the true embodiment of the best that Pomona has to offer. Victor was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. When he was 8 months old, his family moved to Pomona where he has remained the majority of his life. Since he was a kid, he loved and believed in the change that the city can offer. As a Pomona Unified School District Alumni, he has experienced the potential that our children and youth can achieve.

Victor inherited a dedicated, blue-collar work ethic from his father and mother. At the age of 15 Victor got his first job as a boxboy at local supermarket in Pomona where he learned the meaning of hard work, integrity, and reliability. Victor works hard to develop these kinds of opportunities for young adults in Pomona.

In November 2018, Victor was elected Pomona City Councilman for District 2. His priorities as a councilmember focus on reactivating parks, fostering the arts, reevaluating infrastructure, and ensuring equitable transportation. Through his involvement in the community, he has fostered partnerships to collaborate on creating an inclusive community. He aspires to continue to engage the community with local resources. Most recently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Victor has partnered with God’s Pantry to coordinate deliveries of groceries to families in need in Pomona. Victor and his group of volunteers now deliver groceries to nearly 700 Pomona families each week.

As a lifelong Pomona resident, Victor wants to continue giving back to the community. His energy, spirit of community, and skill for solving both simple and complex problems through collaboration are what make Victor an ideal leader and hero for Pomona.

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