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Hall of Gratitude

Tom Hsieh

Submitted by Lisa Engdahl

Tom showed me the power of generosity

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” –Winston Churchill

From his first job in the tech industry until now, Tom Hsieh has given away half of his annual income to charitable organizations and people in need. Tom is an extremely generous person. He’s a person of faith, known for his wisdom and integrity. Tom is a natural leader. He is a risk-taker with boundless energy and courage. He is honest and direct, laughs heartily, and makes friends easily.

Tom immigrated to the United States from Taiwan as a child. He embodies the American Dream, succeeding academically and professionally. But money isn’t his greatest value or dream. With joy, he shares all he has in order to build up others and inspire generosity in them. Through his financial contributions and wise counsel as a board member, many charitable organizations in Pomona have been strengthened. His generous giving and board leadership in my organization has impacted thousands of marginalized people in the U.S. and around the world. He has inspired me with his total commitment to invest everything he has in people. Tom has served on the boards of the Fairplex, Servant Partners, the InterValley Health Plan, First Presbyterian Church of Pomona, the Pomona Community Foundation, Clean & Green Pomona, and Pomona Rotary.

Tom has also generously helped people in crisis. When one of his friends lost his job working at a warehouse, Tom and his wife Bree invited this friend’s family of seven to live with them for nearly a year. His generosity shows in everyday situations, too. If you go out for a meal with Tom, he always finds a way to pay. Tom’s generosity is fierce, pervasive, and moving. His actions communicate care for others. Tom showed me the power of generosity.

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