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Hall of Gratitude

Roberto C. Arnold

Submitted by Stephanie Huff

Roberto showed me the power of advocating for and supporting veterans

Roberto C. Arnold is the current Commander of Charles P. Rowe American Legion Post 30 Pomona. Since Commander Arnold has taken leadership, he has strived for Post 30 Pomona to make a difference by hosting blood drives, food distribution drives, and by bringing veteran resources to our city’s veterans.

Commander Arnold has advocated for the change of “old ways” and for everyone to move forward as one of the most progressive Posts in the area; all while enforcing our American Legion Pillars of Americanism, National Security, Children and Youth as well as Veteran Affairs and Rehabilitation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Commander Arnold arranged for national holidays to be observed virtually with social distancing and mask guidelines in place. He continues to let veterans, their families and the community know that although we cannot all be together to observe these essential holidays to our country, we will never forget, and will do what we can to honor them. For as long as I can recall, veterans have not previously had the resources available to them from our Legion as they do now. Under his leadership, our post has a full cabinet of officers, including a service officer.

Outside of what he has done for Post 30 Pomona, Commander Arnold is also a business owner. I have witnessed the struggles that have come to him as a business owner, but I have also witnessed his perseverance. He has taught me the importance of following through and moving forward with the resources you have. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to return home from overseas as a post 9/11 Veteran, and I hope he knows that everything he has accomplished so far is not only inspiring to me, but to many others in the community.

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