Public Artwork for the Future Pomona Gold Line Station Stephen Farley, Artist

Hall of Gratitude

Ren Nunez

Submitted by Richard Nunez

Ren showed me the power of giving

Ren Nunez who is an artist here in Pomona, and has shown me that giving is best reward of all when you see those smiles. Ren works with wood and has donated more then 300 toys to the kids at the art gallery here in Pomona so they can paint them and take them home. He calls them Scrappy Toys, because the wood that he uses to make all these toys comes from scrap wood he finds around Pomona. He’s also a historian who has a YouTube channel where he talks about Pomona’s history and a website called Images of Pomona where he talks and shows videos he has made of our famous art walks and other events here in Pomona. So Ren has shown me the power of giving to others and that the smiles and happiness on a child’s face is a reward in itself.

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