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Hall of Gratitude

Reggie Clark

Submitted by Mary Tawadros and Aziza Manuel

Reggie showed me the power of helping hurting souls

I started working for Volunteers of America Homeless Outreach in the City of Pomona thanks to its Program Manager, Reggie Clark. Over the course of the last four years of working for Reggie, I have seen how dedicated he is to creating the best opportunities for our homeless participants to succeed in being housed and providing as many resources to pave their way for new beginnings. He does this working side by side with Supervisor Hilda Solis, Senator Connie Leyva, Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval, Neighborhood Services Director Benita DeFrank, Homeless Programs Supervisor Donyielle Holley, LAHSA, TRI-CITY Mental Health, East Valley, Prototypes, Goodwill and several other stakeholders. I have seen Reggie’s dedication to serving our homeless population, always outstretching to collect financial donations and material items. He has been truly supportive in staff meetings, guiding us to strive to do better. He motivates participants to believe in themselves; and he personally helps physically move furniture safely into their apartments. He is a great listener and mediator to staff and participants; finding the solution to any issue. Reggie is very loving to everyone who comes into his presence, treating everyone with respect, kindness and as equals. I notice how he greets staff and participants in various stakeholder meetings: “Good Morning Family, He did it again,” you’ll hear him say as he starts speaking, giving honor to God for waking him and all who are present. He shares his own story of being sober for over 30 years and continues to be a community leader in mentoring and encouraging others to keep pressing on because he has faced barriers and overcome them. He is an inspiration and as an employee of Volunteers of America I am thankful and honored to work for him. – Mary Tawadros

I met Reggie in 2011. He hired me to assist with homeless services. Since then Reggie has opened numerous programs within the city. He helps people overcome substance abuse addiction, he represents for those who don’t have a voice in the streets. We currently still work together while running Hope for Home. Every single client to this day loves Reggie. He treats everyone equally regardless of their situation. I admire Reggie as a man, a boss and a difference maker in the community. – Aziza Manuel

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