Public Artwork for the Future Pomona Gold Line Station Stephen Farley, Artist

Hall of Gratitude

Paul Jones

Submitted by Joanna Payne Jones, Ph.D.

Paul showed me the power of guidance

I arrived in Pomona in 1965, Paul joined me in 1971 at the Pomona Islander, and in 1981 we moved to Ganesha Hills. From the moment we met he was my guiding light showing the way into a bright future descending from a dark tunnel. Paul brought love, support and laughter. He is always there guiding me in all of my projects; teaching, cultural arts commission, Prevention of Child Abuse, Pomona thrift store, and opening our home to anyone in need.

He plants fruit trees which improve air quality in Pomona. He is very concerned about Pomona’s growth, safety and development. He shares his knowledge with everyone. He is not only a guiding light for me but all of Pomona. He is always there blazing a path of love and kindness. He is my unsung hero and the wind beneath my wings. From the Navy to Ganesha Hills association, to our shop on Holt Boulevard he is protective of people and the environment. I cannot properly express how much Paul is the essence of guidance toward a better Pomona and how he is still helping me become a better person. Paul would be too humble to admit his good deeds but quietly Pomona and I have benefited from having him in our lives.

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