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Hall of Gratitude

Nora Zulema Garcia

Submitted by Lisa Engdahl

Nora showed me the power of dedication

Nora Zulema Garcia is incredibly dedicated in serving and strengthening other people. Whether teaching high school or college students, serving as a city council member, or volunteering in community organizations, she always puts in 100%. She’s willing to do whatever needs to be done to help people, no matter how large or small the task. She is full of enthusiasm, courage, stamina, and never quits. As a leader of a community environmental organization, she inspired me and our whole group.

Everything is more fun when Nora is there. She strengthens everyone she works with through her commitment and determination. When there’s a problem, she’s the leader who is willing to step up to the challenge and serve. When someone needs to speak up, Nora has the courage to step forward. Her energy is contagious. Where does this dedication and energy come from? Nora has a big heart of love, faith and care for people. Her family is important to her, her friends are important to her, her students are important to her, and her community is important to her. Her love for people is what fuels her dedication and hard work. She has poured her energy into teaching students, working for environmental justice, improving the Pomona public library, helping her neighbors in practical ways, improving policing policies, planting trees and caring for her parents. I’ve seen her be just as happy to serve others by filling out tedious paperwork to incorporate a community organization, as she was to speak publicly to state regulators about enforcing against polluting businesses in Pomona.

Dedication is a costly virtue. It is one of the key foundations for relationships and meaningful transformation in the world. Nora has strong relationships and has made a lasting impact on Pomona and on me. Nora Zulema Garcia showed me the power of dedication.

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