Public Artwork for the Future Pomona Gold Line Station Stephen Farley, Artist

Hall of Gratitude

Millard Sheets

Submitted by Elizabeth Cole

Millard Sheets showed me the power of existentialism

Millard Sheets, genius, born and raised in Pomona, California, was an American artist, architectural designer and teacher. He was one of the earliest of the California scene painters and helped define the art movement. Many of his large-scale building mosaics from the mid-20th Century still exist across Southern California. Born in Pomona in 1907, his talent manifested at an early age and by the early 1930’s he achieved national recognition as a prominent American artist. His work will continue to live on, leaving his mark in time. For that reason, I am nominating Milliard Sheets for this Gold Line Mural, because he taught me the Power of existentialism.

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