Public Artwork for the Future Pomona Gold Line Station Stephen Farley, Artist

Hall of Gratitude

Miguel Barrientos

Submitted by Vanessa Barrientos and Andrea Ortiz

Miguel showed me the power of being there for others

Miguel is my father — he lived in Pomona for over 35 years. He passed away on 12/21/20 of COVID. He had three kids: my brother, my sister, and me. He opened his home to many of my brother’s and sister’s friends. When they didn’t have anywhere to go, he opened his door. He listened and guided them. I ask you to please select him, and you will see all people in Pomona that he was there for. – Vanessa Barrientos

Miguel inspired me because he came to the US with nothing and made something of himself. He took advantage of the American dream and made his dreams reality. With hard work, sweat, and sacrifice Miguel built a name for himself with many youth in Pomona. From coaching sports to being a life coach, he was the one you went to when you had nowhere to go, when you were hungry or needed a helping hand. – Andrea Ortiz

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