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Linda Wright

Submitted by Linda Wright

Linda showed me the power of a loving family

Linda Wright married shortly after high school. After having three wonderful children, her marriage went sour. That was when she decided to acquire the skills to economically support her children and herself. She went back to college in January 1976, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science in March 1978, a Bachelor of Science in Social Services, and Minors in Criminal Justice and Correction, and Gerontology in June 1978 from Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She continued her education at Cal State Fullerton University where she earned a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology in June 1980.

During those years in college, she was a single parent. Her children were ages eleven, six and one when she returned to college. Every time she earned a degree, she recall sitting down with her children and telling them that the degrees also belonged to them because they went to the library and studied day and night with her and made it possible for her to achieve her educational goals. She is proud to say that her children have succeeded in their own right. Glenn and Cynthia earned Masters degrees and Gerald earned a Bachelor’s degree. This is the power of family love.

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