Public Artwork for the Future Pomona Gold Line Station Stephen Farley, Artist

Hall of Gratitude

Juanita Preciado-Becerra

Submitted by Heather Campbell

Juanita showed me the power of kind leadership

To me, Juanita Preciado represents the best of both the heart and the mind of Pomona. Born and raised in Pomona, and tirelessly working to improve the City for its people, she taught me that leadership can be kind and calm, even while it is also powerful.

Juanita is knowledgeable in both public health and public policy, and she continues to use her knowledge gently but persistently to improve the health of the people of the City of Pomona, including by improving the city’s green spaces and outdoor spaces. Much research shows that outdoor spaces matter to happiness, obesity, and physical health including diabetes.  Juanita is determined to improve and restore Pomona’s green spaces.

Juanita is kind, pleasant, warm and also persistent and determined. She is already a leader for good in Pomona, and I know her leadership will only grow over time. Through her Pomona-raised heart and mind, she truly represents the power of Kind Leadership.

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