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Hall of Gratitude

Helayne Harris Luecht

Submitted by Ashley Rose Little

Helayne showed me the power of compassion

Helayne Harris Luecht gives hope through her accomplishments for women just like me. Receiving a Masters in Nursing as a single mother is no easy feat. Her accomplishment shows that a young lady from Pomona, California is capable of doing anything. As a nurse for the last 40 years and a graduate of UCLA, she was a loving mother of two and received help from local groups who help people who are struggling to have a better quality of life. Being one with the community of Pomona. With help for her two children from Pomona First Baptist School and the House of Ruth, she was able to thrive — proof you can lean on our community in times of need.

At Pomona Valley Hospital she was a bedside nurse. She moved to Kaiser Permanente and became an integral part of the hospice and palliative care medical industry. Taking care of people is her passion. When it came to her patients, the number one question was, How is your quality of life?
Asked to help, she opened and set up new hospitals in the Tri-Central area for Kaiser, expanding clinics and services. After achieving a Masters in Nursing she continued the Tri-Central Area.

After 20 years she retired, but continued on to Saint Mary’s of Long Beach where she worked as a patient care coordinator teaching those in the medical field the importance of quality of life for every patient. Not only has she been able to instill care and compassion into my life, Helayne has also shown me how showing up is what life’s all about. I am grateful for the integrity and compassion she has shown me — it’s not an easy journey. It’s how you treat the journey. That what makes a difference. This is how she will pass the torch.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world indeed it is the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead.

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