Public Artwork for the Future Pomona Gold Line Station Stephen Farley, Artist

Hall of Gratitude

Geo Esparza

Submitted by Eduardo Alvarado, Dominiquee Romero and Jen McCardell

Geo showed me the power of creating community through art

Geo’s inspiration has reignited my love for art. His art gallery, The Alley Gallery, always boasts some of the most diverse artists that I have seen. Prior to the pandemic, his gallery would host in-house events that would bring together and unite people from all walks of life. From poets to artist to singers to even a few comedians – all under one space, under one roof to celebrate the diversified inclusion of art. Even with the pandemic he has been able to continue to unify folks by starting a month-long series of live painting that not only is allowing artists to continue their own passion but is also beautifying Downtown Pomona with “31 Flavors” and “Through Her Eyes” which is based on the Pomona Goddess. I personally have befriended some people that I have met at The Alley Gallery — people that I probably would have never crossed paths if it wasn’t for Geo’s vision and passion for the arts. – Submitted by Eduardo Alvarado

Geo brings love and light to the arts colony in Pomona. In the beginning with music, and now art, he brings artists together to create and make Pomona beautiful. People have been coming down to Pomona often to see 31 Flavors & Through Her Eyes! It’s beautiful what he has done and continues to do for Pomona! – Submitted by Dominiquee Romero

Geo runs The Alley Gallery in Pomona. In July, he hosted “31 Flavors” an artist series featuring different artists every day of the month. Many people have visited this installation; which was extended into another 31 Flavors for September as well as Through Her Eyes — art showcasing female artists from the local area. Not only have these events brought art to the community, they have also given local artists a place to show their work, and something really beautiful the whole city of Pomona can be proud of. – Submitted by Jen McCardell

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