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G. Stanton Selby

Submitted by Miguel Gomez Jr & Richard Nichols

Stanton showed me the power of music

By letting a few high school students come to a rehearsal for the Pomona Concert Band and then by allowing us to stay and perform with them for their summer concerts Stanton expanded our capacity and capabilities in more than just music but also life. The man was a composer-arranger, conductor and was the founding Director of the Pomona Concert Band. He was Professor Emeritus of Mt. San Antonio College; holding Bachelors and Masters of Music degrees from the University of Southern California. He was also a former Mayor of the City of Pomona, and an executive member of the Los Angeles County Music and Performing Arts Commission. He was known to all as “Maestro.” – Miguel Gomez Jr

G. Stanton Selby was a composer-arranger, conductor, founding Director of the Pomona Concert Band, and former Mayor for the city of Pomona. On November 5, 1995, Stan Selby’s was recognized by a Certificate Of Special Congressional Recognition For Outstanding And Invaluable Service To The Community, signed by President Bill Clinton. On May 29, 2004, The American Legion presented G. Stanton Selby with a Proud World War II Veterans Service To America award.

Stan Selby started the Pomona Concert Band on November of 1947. His work with the Pomona Concert Band has lead many in the community to take up music lessons at some point in their lives, while entertaining many others through free local concerts here in Pomona. The Pomona Concert Band under G. Stanton Selby was so successful that many surrounding communities started their own community bands. The band has represented the city of Pomona by performing in many other local communities as well as in Europe and Japan.

His greatest power is the lasting legacy he has left on our great city. G. Stanton Selby has inspired so many to be a part of the world of music. Many Pomona kids have played with the Pomona Concert Band while in high school and gone on to successful careers in music performance, and education. G. Stanton Selby passed away in November of 2004 and 17 years later he continues to inspire and entertain so many here in Pomona with the continuation of The Pomona Concert Band and all of the community outreach they do. – Richard Nichols

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