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Hall of Gratitude

Dr. Mary Montes

Submitted by Mike Suarez

Mary showed me the power of leadership

Dr. Mary Montes’ long and outstanding work in education and the media shows her great leadership. Mary was raised in Pomona, attended Pomona schools and graduated from Pomona High School. She attended Mount San Antonio College and graduated from UCLA with a BA and went to Claremont University and received a Ph.D. With Mary’s great leadership skills she was the first woman elected to the Pomona Unified School Board of Education (74-77), and was also the first Chicana elected to the board.
Mary’s skills took her to Cal Poly Pomona where she ran teacher preparation and bilingual education programs. Mary Montes made decisions that affected millions of television viewers nationwide as a television editor of standards and practices for ABC and was the only Latina on the West Coast in this department. Dr. Mary Montes’ lifelong leadership is a testament to her hard work and dedication.

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