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Hall of Gratitude

Dr. Agnes Jackson

Submitted by Paula Green

Agnes showed me the power of effective communication

Dr. Agnes Moreland Jackson (1931-2020), a former Pomona Unified School Board member and a Pitzer College professor emerita, was one of the first professors I met as a Pitzer student during the 1970s. In addition to teaching an array of English and literature classes, she served as the academic advisor to the college’s African American freshman students. She was highly respected, and she had a reputation for being “tough.”

I quickly discovered that Dr. Jackson’s “tough” side was really a reflection of her high standards for academic excellence and responsible behavior. In addition to her brilliant intellect she was warm, humorous, and welcoming. After I graduated we were not in frequent contact; however, I enjoyed the occasions when I was around her. Her “toughness” during my undergraduate years helped prepare me for an enjoyable and accomplished career in marketing and communications.

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