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Hall of Gratitude

Dan McIntyre

Submitted by Chiquita Dineyanti

Dan showed me the power of history

Dan McIntyre is the founder of Pomona Heritage and has been an active advocate of Pomona architectural history and preservation. Since we bought a 1919 fixer bungalow in Pomona 12 years ago, Dan has been a valuable source of support, offering his advice and pointing us to resources as we repair and restore our home. As a young couple with our first home, Dan showed us the importance of connection to our community and our local history. Dan taught me that history isn’t confined to major landmarks and events, it’s everywhere around us – in the homes we live, the work we do and that we live with it and create our own history every day. Each of us who lives here adds our own thread to the history of Pomona and contributes to the future and the beautiful tapestry that is Pomona.

My husband grew up in Pomona. My own family immigrated from Indonesia and my parents settled in Pomona. Pomona welcomed us and showed us our American dream. My husband and I love Pomona and we knew we wanted our first home to be here. Dan McIntyre showed us there was even more to love about Pomona, he shows us that connection and engagement in our community can make a difference and that it’s worth our time. I would like to nominate him because of his long and steadfast commitment to the improvement of our beautiful city and the preservation of its history.

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