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Hall of Gratitude

Christopher Hart Toovey

Submitted by Margaret Inserra-Aichele, George Cuttress, Marcella Sweatt, Frank and Cathy Garcia

Chris showed me the power of Aztlan

A collaborative submission for Pomona Hero Chris Toovey ….

Chris Toovey, for his incredible efforts in promoting the importance of the arts in the growth of the downtown Arts Colony, through the creation and founding of the non-profit, dA Center for the Arts. The dA has been in the forefront in providing a safe haven for the youth in our community as well as a stable platform for the emerging and established artists to exhibit their work. The dA is known nationwide for its work and it owes its existence to the 30-year+, devotion of Chris and his tireless work for the people of Pomona. –George Cuttress

Fondly known as 2V, Chris has spent over 30 years involved in the trenches of the community in pursuit of promoting the arts. As businesses came and went Chris weathered the storms offering a bright light opening his nonprofit to the community as a place for thousands to begin their journeys. In addition to the thousands of visual and performing artists that have been aided by his efforts establishing Pomona’s Public Art Ordinance and providing a space for many nonprofits to plant seeds, nurture ideas before taking root and establishing their own goals. All dots lead back this one man whose mission to bring arts to all within a community set in motion the resurgence of a flourishing arts scene. Recognition is well deserved honoring the man I fondly call “Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of the Pomona Arts!” When it comes to the topic of the development and growth of the Pomona Arts Colony and the Artwalk, 2V IS that person, a community hero enriching lives through the arts. –Marcella Sweatt

Chris Toovey was instrumental in bringing art to the Pomona Valley in a big way! He has selflessly dedicated decades of his time, finances and energies to this purpose through the dA Center for the Arts and the City of Pomona. Chris pushed the envelope of inclusivity championing all ethnicities, ages and socio-economic strata in the art world. — Frank and Cathy Garcia

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