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Hall of Gratitude

Carlos Goytia

Submitted by Cat Goytia and Yesenia Miranda Meza

Carlos showed me the power of love for community

I met Carlos a little over 10 years ago. He had started a football program back in 2008. Pomona had not had a football league for over 30 years. I saw families happy and thrilled when their kids’ faces lit up as they ran to him for a high-five every single time – it amazed me. He touched these kids’ hearts. Everyone in the football league knew him as Papa Bear and to this day I hear parents call him that. He started two other Pony leagues in the city of Pomona, which are still active – Pomona Pony Youth Baseball at Palomares Park (since 2010), and Pony United Youth Baseball League/West Pomona at Kennedy Park (since 2014). He was able to get grant monies for Kennedy Park to add lights for the league and he is currently working on a new grant to get a snack bar installed as well. Since COVID started he has partnered up with God’s Pantry with food donations for those in need. He has touched my children’s lives as well as many others. My kids followed in his footsteps in giving back to the community. They volunteer in cleanups with the city, and anywhere they are needed. I want to give thanks to Carlos Goytia for being an example to our community of what volunteerism is. I hope he gets selected to be one of the people showcased in the Hall of Gratitude. – Cat Goytia

Carlos Goytia has had a huge direct impact on my life from the day I met him. He is that kind of human being. He is caring, giving, and always ready to lend a helping hand. I met Carlos during an event at John F. Kennedy Park in Pomona in 2014. Of course Carlos had something to do with the event, and I was looking for him because a friend had told me he was very involved in the community. I spoke to him and let him know my passion for our city and how much I wanted to make a difference! Carlos Goytia had a great deal of influence in shaping the person that I am. This man took me under his wings and shared his knowledge and experience with me. I consider him one of my great mentors in life and I am so grateful that God put him in my path! When Carlos and I get together we are unstoppable. From raising money for his baseball league (Pony United), having yearly Water Bash events in parks, organizing annual Toy Giveaways during Christmas, building community gardens from the ground up, and marching alongside each other for human rights; Carlos has always been there ready to go! I admire Carlos and all the hard work, dedication, and years he has put into our community. He is a great example of a true Pomonan and community leader. I don’t think people truly understand what it takes to be a community leader – we dedicate our time, resources and life for the greater good of human kind – and Carlos deserves full recognition for mentoring a person like me. He has sown so many positive seeds in our community. I am a product of the love, care and dedication Carlos Goytia has shown our community! – Yesenia Miranda Meza

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