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Hall of Gratitude

Albert Dávila

Submitted by Alyssa Norris

Albert showed me the power of perseverance

Albert is my dad. My dad has exemplified perseverance in difficult situations and seasons throughout his life. From a young age he took on a father role and helped his mother raise nine younger siblings in Southern California. In the 70s and 80s he provided for his own family as a professional boxer. He was diligent in his commitment to master his technical style in the ring and stay true to himself and the sport. My dad was the WBC Bantam Weight Champion of the World.

Last but not least, he persevered in his marriage with my mom through the ups and downs of life. They just celebrated 45 years of marriage. In a culture that is so self-focused and quick to rationalize a quitter mentality, my dad inspires me to persevere through the discomforts of life. His life is a reminder that sacrificing for others is hard but a necessity in family and that self-discipline and commitment in the workplace cannot just pay the bills but also bring opportunity to be the best. He also taught me that staying steadfast in marriage produces individual character and a loving foundation for family to thrive.

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