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Hall of Gratitude

William Bissic

Submitted by Taylor J. Smith Taylor

William showed me the power of leadership

William Bissic, store owner of Vital Pomona in Pomona, CA, is a retired hip-hop artist. His previous lifestyle influenced numerous individuals to remain steadfast and focused on their individual life paths. His story and heart toward humanity led him to a family of four. His wife and children are assets to the community that I find amazing to witness. William works hard and effortlessly with the support of his wife Jenine. When I was going through some hardships, Will redirected my path in a positive manner. He leads, and his wife and children and the community follow. I am thankful to have crossed paths with the Bissics’ smiles because their positive nature and candor gain them instant love and respect. Will’s story is noticed. His life matters. He – and his family – mean a lot to the community.

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